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Dathappy change agents are sharing a common objective of supporting sustainable development with their problem solving and technical skills. But we are all different and there is always a domain we prefer, so you can chose your specialization below

Seems the same to you? Indeed, whatever skillset you want to learn, you are part of the family. 

Our coaches have a wide range of skillset in the Digital Economy and we know where you will find the best resources for your personalized journey. 

Currently, we have 2 main tracks open:

No-Code / Low-Code 

Technologies are an amazing opportunity to focus on solving problems instead of the technology itself. You leverage powerful tools to build digital solutions answering the needs in seconds, focusing on organizations value and needs. It is an ecosystem of Tools and Platforms which let you build and launch software without learning to code, often with Drag and Drop visual interfaces.

The learning curve is easy and more business-oriented compare to coding for example. Moreover, you could always complete this skillset with advanced coding skills if necessary.

Actionable Impact Management

You maybe heard about Impact Measurement, Monitoring, or even Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) in the impact economy (particularly NGOs until now).

Today, more and more organizations and institutions focus is embedding Sustainable Development and this is where we need to bring more actions and intelligence from Impact Data. This is exactly why we need more people able to support organization on Actionable Impact Management (from Impact Strategies, to Data collection, visualizations and decisions).

Interested in other skills like Data Literacy, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Digital strategies & transformation? 

We can surely help you to learn as well to bring positive change with those skills

The first thing we do when you join is to understand your objectives and ambition to bring a tailor-made boost to your personal development. Any Digital skill then possible to be conquered.

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The pillars of our apprenticeship approach

Together we discuss how we can impact the world, mutually enriching our knowledge of the Digital Economy, its effects on individuals and organizations.

As change agents, we are sharing a common background on Impact and Digital overall. We have a general culture and a mindset helping us to navigate easily between the societies needs and the Digital capabilities Most of us have a specialization, a field where we excel (Data Science, Web development, Impact Strategies). 

To help you reach this stage, we support you around 3 pillars through recommended content, coaching (1 individual session every week), practice and collective workshops / sessions.

We will support your learning journey and career development along the way to make sure you find the opportunities fitting your dreamed job. We are not there to teach you but to be a partner of your personal development and growth, unlocking your potential through the different activities and support.

Growth mindset

Learning how to learn, seek for information, ask for support from peers and experts to always reach the next level of understanding of the Digital and Impact economies.

This is a continuous process in our Digital Economy where technologies are evolving very fast. Your adaptability and  personal development will bring high value to others.

Problem solving

If you understand why you need to learn something, you can learn anything to be able to solve the problem you identified. This is your Human Intelligence that will help you to leverage the relevant tools.

will require knowledge and methodologies to be able to bring the change you seek for, the right solutions to the problems you are trying to solve.

Learning on the job

Build up your portfolio and resume with real use cases and projects from the start. Either it is your own project or one for a purpose-driven organization.

Almost all the litterature exist already but this is by experi
encing that you will activate your learning capability to solve meaningful problems and bring efficient solutions to impacting organizations.

Revenue opportunities with our learning on REAL job opportunities

Our goal is to help you to learn on the job, with real projects coming from Dathappy clients and use cases. We always share the value generated, that's why there are revenue opportunities for you along the way. Those are a mix of challenges and consulting missions you can be part of during your apprenticeship (time commitment required). You can then experiment what it is to be change agent from the beginning. You have no time to be a part-time or full-time consultant now? No problem, some challenges require less time and you will always be chllenged to apply your skills on real use cases.

Those opportunities are helping you to earn money and finance your growth journey.


What an apprentice week looks like?

As a self-paced program, you define the pace of your learning based on your needs and availability but a few elements are common to all learners.


Weekly coaching

Every week, your individual coach will work with you to review your goals and activity and continue efficiently your personal growth.


Recommended content

Your coach will recommend you some content to go through while helping you to seek efficiently to what you need to to achieve your goals.
Moreover, you can access our pool of resources whenever your want.


Group sessions

Webinars, workshops, group learning sessions and more are activities reserved for our apprentices to build the bonds between the future change agents (and some experts)



As we believe in learning on the job, this part is very important for us. Either helping you to work on your own projects or offering you opportunities to practice on paid and unpaid opportunities (challenges and gigs you can particpate in).

Current practice opportunities

Paid or not, time intensive or more adapted to your busy schedule, we always have real practice opportunities to learn by doing on real use cases. 

Not finding one listed here?
Contact us or talk to you coach when you are ready.

No-Code / Low-Code 

We currently have a great open opportunity to work on a real use case coming from the United Nations Development Program Accelerator Lab in Zambia. They need you to create a powerful solution to help the innovations ecosystem to better collaborate towards a sustainable development.

Ready for the challenge?

Hurry up the 2 months challenge for UNDP start on Jan. 11th!
(The apprenticeship is a monthly subscription (pay what you need) but this offer relies on the opportunity to solve the UNDP challenge over the next 2 months.)

Actionable Impact Management 

We currently have a mission open for candidates aiming to help a Cambodian NGO to audit their current M&E process to then propose the relevant tools and processes to better measure their impact and share it with donors, employees and collaborators.

Juniors are accepted but you need at least a first experience in M&E.

Discover more about our vision of Actionable Impact Management here.

Dathappy herself will need your help to better track its impact, ready for the mission?

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