Up-level Your
Decision Making

We make upward of 35,000 decisions every single day.

Being able to more quickly and confidently make decisions in your life will save you so much time and energy!

The process in this worksheet will expose the excuses your brain is offering you to keep you in your comfort zone, and help you to think in such a way as to move past them.

This frees you up to do more of what God is calling you to do, and create the impact in your community and the world that only you can make!

About Monica

I am a Catholic Life and Mindset Coach certified with Metanoia Catholic. This mean I am an expert in the art of human change, and getting people unstuck to move into action. Helping my clients break up with their excuses to co-create a life of meaningful impact is one of my favourite things to do.

I live in rural NSW with my husband, three children, and hundreds of books.