7 days course

When you decide to finally declutter it often happens because you're overwhelmed. You're done with seeing all that clutter everywhere, with being unable to find things that you need and spending money buying stuff you already have

And that is a good start! 

But here comes a challenge: you need to start somewhere. You look at your room. And you see piles of clothes, all those dusty nick-knacks on the shelves, magazines falling off the nightstand and you just don't see the end of it. 

That's why I created this email course: it's a manageable way to go through all that stuff in 1 week. Step by step you will declutter your bedroom without feeling that you need to do it all at once. 

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Day 1

Before we begin

Day 2

Start with clothes

Day 3

Shoes, handbags and other accessories

Day 4

Drawers: socks, underwear & random stuff

Day 5

Nightstands and other surfaces

Day 6

Organize everything

Day 7

Keep it tidy!