The Declutter Method: Online Course

Shift your life once and for all into a mind frame that understands simplicity and has a newfound natural sense for organization.

By gifting yourself this extended, powerful course that goes far beyond just organizing your closet, you're giving yourself the permission to be free.

With this multi-module course that you can do at your own pace, my mission is to ensure that once you put in the time and the effort here, you'll never have to worry about clutter again. 

So, what is The Declutter Method?

This 6 week course was specifically designed for the person who is looking to:

- Free themselves once and for all of the burden that is clutter.

- Reclaim their life, no longer spending every day feeling swallowed by their own home (and mind): the place that's supposed to evoke peace and clarity.

- Allow more time for pleasure, fun, adventure and surprise.

- Reprogram their minds so that clutter is no longer a fallback option.

How can I be so sure that this works? 

Because it's exactly what I did.

My own story with clutter:

For years, I struggled with the vicious cycle of decluttering only to collect what felt like MORE.

More clothes, more accessories, more beauty products, more emails in my inbox -- and with that, more stress, more weight on my shoulders, less time to enjoy the day to day joy.

It wasn't long before I was struggling with feeling like I was under water. Like I couldn't quite keep up with the cycle that I had created. 

I had become all consumed by my own consumerism. I felt like I was drowning. 

It wasn't lost on me that I was going through a lot emotionally at the time. I was coming off of 3.5 years of taking care of my dad who had cancer, I was (and still am) grieving his death, I moved to a different state, my 5 year relationship had ended abruptly.. I felt completely defeated and out of control.

It was a trying time, and the only thing I could think to make it feel better was to invite more stuff into my life. Consumerism was my void, but the clutter was my nemesis. 

So I vowed to dig deeper. To ask myself the tough questions as to WHY I felt compelled to clutter my life when REALLY all I wanted, was to feel free.

To have more time, more space, more joy.

So, I created this attainable 6 week course.

It embodies all of the work I did (and then some), and invites you to take it at your own pace. 

Heart work can be the hardest work, and looking at what we need to change internally can be tough. 

But it also carries the biggest reward.

I'll also teach you down to the T, my own personal tips and tricks for decluttering your home room by room and making sense of your space, so that you can spend your life living, instead of consistently organizing.

Here's what the course will include:

- 6 modules for you to journey through at your own pace

- My own personal journey with clutter and organization that I haven't talked about anywhere else

- No expiration once the course has been purchased. It's yours for life, should you need to revisit at any time

- Audio guides, journaling prompts, my own tips and tricks, as well as a module re-cap

- Have a question or need extra guidance? With this course you'll get unlimited email support

- A closing video from me to you at the end of the course

Module 01

What's Under the Clutter?

Exploring the root of the issue behind your clutter and releasing any blocks and voids that show up.

Module 02

Owning the Pieces

Reframing our minds and our thoughts around consumerism, honoring our up-bringing, and setting realistic expectations.

Module 03

Getting Down To It

How to start when you're straight up overwhelmed, setting ourselves up for success, learning how to organize and declutter room by room using my own personal techniques.

Module 04

Heavy Hearted Decluttering

Working through sentimental clutter, and learning how to declutter after loss (relationships, death, job/financial change, etc)

Module 05

Future Tripping: Now What?

Ridding yourself of old patterns when things get tough and dealing with societal pressure and temptations.

Module 06

Celebrate Your Efforts

Making space to celebrate the work that you've done, how to hold yourself accountable after these 6 weeks, my own personal practices and mantras that keep me grounded and centered.

Hey! I'm Cassandra.

I'm the mindfulness advocate, writer and podcast host behind The Calm Collective. My passion lies in creating community and helping others to live their best lives filled to the brim with freedom, abundance, simplicity and optimal wellness.

I'm so grateful you've found your way here. I'm a real human behind this screen, so if I can serve you in any way or answer any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can do so by sending me a message right here on Instagram, or via email at