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This book is my testimony and a charge. Through a brief tour of history and engagement with current trends in the Body of Christ, I offer a glimpse into self-awareness and hope. The way forward is something integral to the meaning, message, and model of Spirit-driven baptized believers who know something is lacking.

In order to illustrate this mission for the present age, this work retrieves and critically assumes lessons from one of our own who knew it would take academic learning and Holy Ghost burning to lead God’s people from spiritual, moral, and political ruin.

This work offers a much needed reevaluation of the history of the Black Church in America and why we see some of the present trans-denominational Pentecostal currents today. Reflecting on C.P. Jones provides us with ample evidence for the strong hunger many Black Baptists have had for a thoroughgoing constitutionalist paradigm in their churches. Jones shows us that to be Baptist is not antithetical to belief that the gifts of the Spirit are still very much functional in this age of the church.

Marcus Jenkins


Dr. CJ Rhodes is the Pastor of Mt. Helm Baptist Church in Jackson, MS and serves as a professor at Alcorn State University. He received a BA in Philosophy from the University of Mississippi, a MDiv from Duke University Divinity School, and a Doctor of Ministry from Wesley Biblical Seminary. CJ is married to Allison and they are the parents of twin sons.