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Delaney Rain

Delaney Rain is the author of gay erotic paranormal romances featuring monsters and the men who fall in love with them. Things definitely go bump in the night in Delaney's books!

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The Sea Monster's Mate

Sweet and sexy combine in this tale of tentacles and mersquid babies.

The Bigfoot's Mate

Rescued by the real deal, one anthropologist is determined to keep this hairy sweetheart.

The Incubus's Mate

A country boy goes in search of monsters, never expecting to discover that they're actually real.

The Aliens' Mate

An abducted human discovers love among the stars with two aliens determined to share him.

The Red Dragon's Mate

A skeptical paranormal investigator gets seduced by the truth.

The Unicorn's Mate

Only when they love and are loved can a unicorn access their magic.