What will you learn from this book?

  • Knowledge— An understanding of what design really is, and ways you can leverage it to build your small business and product idea.
  • Opportunities — Ways design can be measured to increase the impact of your business or the value of your product idea.
  • Find your path — The unique ‘Design vs Business Owner Blueprint’, to identify your business needs and the design solution it may require to help you plan next steps.

Who should read this e-book?

  • Small business owners and founders with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Anyone looking for some structure in a vast sea of information.
  • Business owners wanting to spend less time ‘figuring out’ design, and instead take steps to leverage it to move forward.
  • People whose time is precious (this is a short book).
  • People who have a product business idea but want their questions answered before they make any life-changing decisions.
  • Anyone looking to build a product focused business.


On which Marketplaces is the book available? 

Here is the full Amazon list: USA & UK. It is also available on Payhip.

How much time will it take me to read the book?

The book has less than 30 pages, so it will take about 15 - 45 mins, not including the practical exercises. I value your time, so I worked extra hard to make sure you can finish it over a weekend, including practice time.