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To help you comprehensively prepare for the DevNet Associate 200-901 v1.0 exam.


Cisco DevNet

Associate Exam

This guide will help you comprehensively prepare for the Cisco DEVASC 200-901 exam.

DevNet Skills

Learn using the official Cisco DevNet blueprint topics using our innovative approach to learning using industry standard tools.

Hands-on Labs

Solidify what you have learned with our ready-made code recipes for your Automation and NetDevOps journey.


Benchmark your DevNet skills with the help of our practice quizzes that are modeled after DevNet official blueprint to help you pass. 

About the author

Muhammad Afaq Khan started his professional career at Cisco TAC San Jose and passed his first CCIE in 2002 (#9070).

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Contents at a Glance

Ch. 1

Software Development and Design

Learn your software development and user interface and experience basics including Python 101.

Ch. 2

Understanding and Using APIs

Products become platforms with open and standard REST API interfaces opening doors to integration.

Ch. 3

Cisco Platforms and Development

Learn basics of various Cisco platforms and their integration capabilities.

Ch. 4

Application Deployment and Security

Learn CI/CD and how network plays a critical role in application success.

Ch. 5

Infrastructure and Automation

Learn Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and API-driven automation.

Ch. 6

Network Fundamentals

Learning your networking protocols, devices and Linux fundamentals.


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