Disconnected to Connected: The Ultimate 5-day Family Intimacy Boosting Challenge

Transform your family in 5-days to a thriving and connected family unit, moving from the chaos and disconnect, while living in the real world.

In this FREE 5-day challenge you will:

  • Discover the 3 biggest blockages to boosting intimacy and how to overcome them
  • Implement your family's unique intimacy boosting plan that will work in real life
  • Identify the signs to show that your plan is working and what isn't working;
  • Lead your family to adapt to a thriving connection starting with you and your partner!

  • Reignite the vibrancy and life you've been missing with your partner. Take date nights from another item on your to-do list to an experience you can't wait for!

Challenge begins in


Is this challenge for you?

Do you find yourself dreading hometime?

Daydreaming about what your family could be?

Comparing yourself to every other family you see wondering, where you went wrong?

Feeling lonely in a houseful of people?

Are you resenting how much your family relies on you?

Do you feel like you're constantly battling parenting techniques with your partner?

Feeling frustrated with your partner's parenting style and lack of connection?

Wanting to have a real, productive talk with your partner rather than at them?

If you answered a resounding yes to ANY of these questions, then this challenge is perfect for you!

You are living in a disconnected family, though it doesn't have to stay that way. You can change the whole trajectory of your family life.

This challenge will be bite-sized value pieces for time-poor families who need a quick restart.
Particular focus will be given to the families you grew up in, how they are different and similar and how to take the best of both to create a powerhouse safe place for your kids to thrive in.

Stop wondering what if, and start living a connected family ife now!