Does Any of this sound familiar?

  • You reach for certain foods even though you are not hungry - your cravings just seem to take over
  • You worry about cutting down or removing foods that you really enjoy
  • Your energy is not what you would like it to be - especially in the afternoons
  • You need more an more of the foods you crave to get any real pleasure or to experience that 'lift me up' feeling

It’s hardly a newsflash that we eat too much sugar. I know that you know that eating sugar isn’t doing you any favours. I can tell you right now that your sugar habit is the reason you’re not losing weight, you experience cravings, you feel 'foggy' minded and your energy levels are on the floor.

The white stuff is ubiquitous. It goes without saying that you’ll find it in sweets, cakes and cookies. However, you’ll also find it creeping into practically every type of processed foods (which is why you don’t realise you’re eating so much of it) – even some of the least likely. Whoever heard of sugar as an added ingredient to flavoured crisps?

Take Control of Your Inner Sugar Monster

And the Results?

I know from working with clients that breaking a sugar habit is one of the quickest ways to trim a few pounds, be sharp and focused and feel more energised than ever. But I also know that it can feel hard without the right information and support.

Knowing what to do is only part of the job. The magic lies in being coached and supported to actually do the work

The results can be surprising when you commit to making some changes and you stick with it. 

After removing the sugar from your diet for a week you may:

  • see a few pounds melt away 
  • say goodbye to the afternoon slump 
  • have more restful and refreshing sleep
  • improve decision making
  • be more mentally clear and focused
  • be in control of your cravings

I will help you get started and find the motivation to keep up the good work after the challenge is over so you can feel in control of your cravings again.

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