Crush Your Sugar Cravings & Kick The Habit

With Kelly Bonanno 

Eco Lifestyle & Wellness Coach Host of Clean Beauty Scene Podcast

Discover my top tips to calm your sugar cravings & break free from your addiction

May 27th 1 PM PST

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Get ready to kick your sugar habit!

Do you find yourself trying to resist snacking on sugary carbs after dinner? Fight the urge for ice cream only to give in then feel bad about it? Have your own little secret stash of sweet treats?

It's not your fault, sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Our brain is wired in a way that renders willpower useless.

Join me for this value packed workshop that will help you kick cravings to the curb!

✅ Discover why sugar is so unhealthy and the many ways it affects your body 

✅ Learn what causes the uncontrollable cravings and how to reduce them naturally 

✅ Learn how to decipher food labels and avoid HIDDEN sugars. (It goes by over 50 names!)

✅ Discover recipes and alternatives that satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking blood sugar levels 

"My daughter is turning 13 next week… and I decided a few months ago that it was finally time to lose the baby weight... haha! Also, my 15th wedding anniversary is in August so another great motivator to do so, right?! Sooooo, I wanted to share that I’ve lost almost 20 pounds so far working with my wellness coach, Kelly Bonanno. She’s amazing guys!" ~Azar