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Sweet Reads:

An Inspiring Women’s Fiction novel about overcoming an unexpected health crisis

(FMC struggling with brain tumor/chronic illness)

Phoenix Wolf doesn't like people much.

People say he has no heart and is oblivious to the world around him, but nothing could be further from the truth. The problem is he sees and hears far too much.

(Neurodivergent Voice)

Will she be able to confront her past, learn to move on, and learn to love herself?

(LGBTQIA+ Voices)

Will it take a trip to faraway Uganda for Mercy to finally find herself?

Many characters are PoC, main lives with HIV

An action-packed urban fantasy series about a homeless woman who befriends nature spirits and the Spirit Seekers who hunt them.

(POC FMC, LGBTQIA+ voices)

How can she rid herself of the recurring dream she's been having since childhood once and for all? 

(FMC struggles with infertility & size difference; MMC dealing with aftermath of catastrophic injury & loss of limb)

A widowed controlling father….a blind but rebellious daughter….can caregiver Eliza Abraham help this family before tragedy occurs?

(Vision-impaired FMC.)

Will a chance encounter change her forever?

(LGBTQIA+ Voices)

Reeling from guilt and grief over a tragic loss, can an ambitious pilot earn the respect she craves?

(Female pilot in the 1990's, very male-dominated industry)

Reincarnation. Romance. Revenge.

(Bloom features a main character inspired by Indian mythology and is set in Hyderbad, India.)

Steamy Reads:

Heather Strand, blind since birth, had overcome her handicaps to become both a sculptor and a rancher.

(Visually impaired female lead.)

Heaven on Earth? Not a chance with these angels around.

(A M/M Romeo And Juliet Retelling.)

All's fair in love and war until one person gets stuck in an arranged marriage.

(LGBTQ+ voices, POC voices, hearing-impaired main character.)

In the fictional, small town of Beauville, anything is possible.

(Interracial Romance, black heroine.)

Zoraida Lemes is forced to do a little soul searching, and what she discovers is not what she expected.

(POC voices.)

There are secrets in even the smallest of towns... Physically scarred from a fire that claimed both her parents, Nerina she tries to put the darkness of her life behind her.

(POC voices.)

I’m in this town for work, not to find love.
Never love.

(LGBTQ+ voices, PoC voices.)

Tag: Why is everyone I love keeping secrets?

(M/M romance.)

Can Ray convince Max he is worthy of love?

(M/M romance.)

A determined woman. A lonely man. A difficult journey ...

(POC voices, including heroine.)

Bear-shifter Fergus is an alpha who specializes in the art of war. Until temptation arrives in the form of the captivating, feisty human Trinity. What will he sacrifice? Love or honor?

(Black female lead.)

Wynn never expected to find love again. Or that it would lead to revelations about a father he'd thought had given up on him long ago.

(An M/M Romance.)

Heather Lovey’s almost thirty-five, and she wants a baby. Badly. With no prospects in sight, she turns to Sean Johnson, her BFF.

(POC voices, including heroine.)

Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global company and the love affairs of the family that controls it.

(POC voices)

Will love bloom when a florist meets up with her former high school crush at a flower conference?

(Plus-sized heroine with chronic illness.)

The story of truth, lies, and our unwillingness to see the difference.

Features PoC

Could a spontaneous kiss be the end of both of their careers?

(M/M Romance)

A champion bill rider who's going blind. A city suit who sees the cowboy clearly. But can they be together without losing sight of what they want?

M/M romance, Hero is losing his vision.

She's the hardest deal he'll ever make

(Interracial Romance, black heroine.)

Damn, you know you’re in love when you’ll go into the jungle, dodging bullets and fighting killers just to get your man back.

(Black female lead.)

Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global company and the love affairs of the family that controls it.

(POC voices.)


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