DIY WORKSHOPS online Launch

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you'll learn to be confident enough to try all things DIY, this includes mile deep trainings on using different Powertools incl: drills, all kinds of saws and every other power tool you use in your home, Decorating 101 ➢ perfection,       Plastering, Wall repair, using hand tools, Upcycling, working with wood, Drywall, Tiling 🛠🧰 what you need in your toolbox and so much more, the first months masterclass will be on Health & Safety and is obligatory.... 

PDF notes are downloadable for each Masterclass AND LIVE Q & A at least once a month along with a Private group for members!

Thats ok too, this is the place for YOU, don't let them blind you with science or do the sharp intake of breath thing without you understanding what it all means ! 

The first Launch will be a Beta Launch at a 50% discount, as long as you stay in the members group your price will be the same £13.50 forever.

THE CATCH ??? I will need your ongoing feedback on what's good & what's not plus your thoughts/suggestions on what can be added or taken away, this will be for as long as your signed up at this price for ;)
Oh and a testimonial ready for the next launch !

Planned for May 2020
Watch for the emails and join our social media pages @diybugs

Find out more in the Launch week

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FREEBIE Home Worksheets !

Make an Essential record of ALL the info/data needed to run an efficient home.

First Benefit

Save £££'s by doing the DIY home repairs & making your home how YOU WANT it by yourself

Second Benefit

Get PDF & workbook sheets to keep with all the classes

Third Benefit

At last put your crazy decorating ideas into practice without having to convince someone else to do it for you :)

Fourth Benefit

You'll more understand contracts with Trades People if you need to anytime & be aware of what they're doing

Fifth Benefit

Get early bird deals, bring a friend deals & Gift Vouchers

Sixth Benefit

Learn LIFELONG SKILLS,  have the satisfaction YOU'VE done this, knowledge is FOREVER & knowledge is Power !