Welcome to DIY Marketing Guide BETA TESTER's Group!

Thanks for accepting my invitation to test DIY Marketing Guide!

Before we kick off, let me explain the testing process:


1. I am going to send you the DIY Marketing Guide package, which consists of: 

- DIY Marketing Guide in PDF (with exercises to do) 

- Editable Individual Timetable in MS Word (so you can customize the Action Plan)
- Editable Content Plan and Calendar Template in Excel Workbook (again, so you can adapt it to your business needs) 

2. Join my DIY Marketing Guide Facebook group where we will be covering each week's material together and presenting our results to motivate each other 

3. Each week, I will be sending you the week's targets & action plans: 

Week 1 : PLAN - we will cover all aspects of planning your content marketing strategy
Week 2: CREATE - we will learn about creating the perfect content + lead magnets
Week 3:  CONVERT - we will learn how to convert readers into customers using email marketing
Week 4: PROMOTE - we will learn how to *promote* content on social media and forums effectively

After the testing is over, I will be still supporting  you with free materials with tips, similar testing opportunities / new courses and templates.

You can drop out any time, there are no strings attached. 

Feel free to share this invitation with anyone you think may benefit from it!