Did you know that we consume 5g micro plastic per week on average through food, cosmetics, clothes and cleaning products, which is equivalent to one credit card?

Did you know that, according to EU regulations, companies are allowed to use up to 85.000 chemicals in their beauty products of which only about 200 got tested and 0 of those on women?

Did you now that women on average absorb around 2.5kg toxins through their beauty and personal care products per year?

Benefits of making your own beauty products: 

  • Easy, fun and fast
  • Control over ingredients (you can basically eat your face cream)
  • Reduce of toxins in your body which in the long run will help you get rid of allergies, skin irritations, and other symptoms
  • Cheaper and safer 

Not only will your body thank you as you reduce the toxic overload it has to handle, but so will your wallet as it is much cheaper and safer this way.

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