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Delegate Like A Pro Master Series



Too Much To Do & Not Enough Time To Do It?

You're Busy All Day But Not Getting Enough Done?

You've Tried Delegating Before & Felt It Didn't Work?


The DELEGATE LIKE A PRO Master Series is a MUST for you if...

You've Tried Delegating Before but it was too hard.

You can't get "it" out of your head and into someone else's.

You're ready to learn a step-by-step, easy-to-implement process on how to get your time back (and even save $$).

The Master Series is NOT for you if...

You enjoy doing everything yourself.

You're not willing to invest in yourself to get results faster.

You're not interested in really growing your business.

What Are We Offering In 28 Days To Delegate Like A Pro Master Series?

Access To Experts

You'll be working with us through 6 LIVE training sessions via Zoom for a 28-day period. Each session will be recorded and the replay available to you if you missed it or loved it so much you want to see it again! You can even send in your questions to us once you watch the recording.

A Proven, Step-by-Step Process

You'll get customizable worksheets and action guides so you can create a strong delegating framework that we'll work through together during each session.  

These have been carefully designed over the years to make it easy for you to reach the ultimate goal of creating your own personalized Delegating Blueprint that you can easily and immediately implement!


To add even more value and support to the Master Series, you'll be included in the private Facebook Group so you can interact with one another, ask for support between sessions and share your wins!

This Program Is Built Just For You!

Class 1: WHO?

Identify Your Delegating Partner

Not all resources are created equal. Learn how to pinpoint the exact qualities you're looking for when you delegate a task, project or role. Resources in Class 1 include:

  • Create Your Perfect Day
  • DLAP Resource Guide

Class 2: WHAT?

To-Do...Or, To-Don't

You know you can't do everything yourself, but what should you do? In Class 2, you'll Identify the easiest tasks to delegate first and which ones should NEVER leave your plate. Resources in include:

  • Time Tracking Worksheet
  • 4-D's Worksheet

Class 3: HOW? (Step 1)

PREP For Your Delegating Success

Learn the first step on how to delegate easily each time, so you have all your ducks-in-a-row before you meet with your delegating partner. Resources in Class 3 include:

  • Six Levels of Delegation 
  • PREP Worksheet

Class 4: HOW? (Step 2)

Set The Delegating TABLE For Their Success

Your business is your baby! Learn how to step back and let go - so you don't spend all day micromanaging (and...the work still gets done). Resources in Class 4 include:

  • TABLE Worksheet
  • Three Questions to Eliminate Micromanaging

Class 5: HOW To Implement

Implementation Tools

Learn how to easily get the information out of your head and into theirs...without answering 600 questions! Your resource in Class 5 includes:

  • Tools Resource Guide
  • Live Implementation Training

Class 6: HOW? (Step 3)

REWIND For Future Delegating Success

It isn't enough to do this correctly once! Learn how to capture the process so you can use it over and over again...correctly! This is what you've been waiting for...the final and ultimate resource in Class 6 includes:

  • REWIND Worksheet
  • Your Personalized DLAP Delegating Blueprint!
  • MAGIC 168 Guide

Each class ends with a 30-minute Learning Lab to start implementing concepts immediately!


Meet The Delegating Duo!

Impactive Strategies

Lisa Crilley Mallis

Lisa Crilley Mallis is a time strategist who works with business owners who used to be able to get everything done - but now find that the time management strategies they used in the past just don’t work anymore. Together she helps them figure out how to gain control of their day again - instead of their day controlling them.

Elite Virtual Assistants

Laura Licursi

Laura Licursi helps attorneys and business owners go from overwhelmed to structured and productive by helping them delegate tasks to her team of experienced and dedicated virtual assistants. 

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If you feel you’ve found no value that you can use to delegate tasks in the first 30 days of us working together, we'll offer you a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the Master Series Beta Program. But in order to get it, you have to show us the work you’ve put in.

We're passionate about helping people who are ready to up-level their lives and their business which is why we're offering this guarantee.

We've used these strategies ourselves to grow both personally and professionally. We know these strategies work, and they will work for you (when) you dedicate the time and energy to make it happen.

So, give us 30 days. Complete 30 days worth of sessions with us from start to finish and complete the action steps we work through together. If you’re not seeing results or happy with the information provided to you within 30 days, after you've shown us the work you've done, we'll offer you a pro-rated refund for the remainder of your Master Series Beta Program.

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Ready To Join The

Delegate Like A Pro Master Series?



We've done all the hard stuff...the delegating framework has been created for you! All you need to do is show up and follow our carefully planned system to create your personalized Delegating Blueprint. Here's What You Get:

  • Small group experience for optimal support and results.
  • 40 years of combined expert experience to guide you.
  • Continual support for 28 days.
  • Customizable worksheets & action guides.
  • All the delegating framework created for you.
  • A plug-n-play system to create your personalized Delegating Blueprint.
  • Private FB Group for between-session support.
  • Our personal guarantee.

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