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Sue Philips

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The story has so many twists and turns, plots and plans, meetings and departures that it becomes hard to put the book down, because as a reader I got so involved and drawn into the story everything else around me disappears. I'm so looking forward to reading more in this series and definitely more by this author. I can't shout her praises highly enough.

Karen Sidall

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I thought it was dynamite! The plot is intriguing from the very start, and there is never a dull moment. There were new and interesting things occurring all along the way as the very exciting story unfolded.


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A read that kept me up past my bed time and eager to see where the story would go next. 

About the author

Danielle Forrest

Danielle Forrest is a Paranormal SciFi author and Medical Laboratory Scientist based out of Indianapolis, IN.

She has dedicated her life so far to two things:  Science & Books

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise if science finds it’s way into even the most fantastical examples of her writing.