Support Road to Purity’s efforts to lead men and women to the truth of authentic love and sexual purity and to help put an end to human sex trafficking.

For six years, Road to Purity has revealed to clergy, parents, and society the physical and spiritual devastation of pornography and sexual addiction, while leading men and women to the truth of authentic love and sexual purity.

Please make the most generous donation you can to help Road to Purity continue its vital work to bring awareness and truth to society and to free those in bondage from sexual sin and heal their families.

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I invite you to become a supporter of Road to Purity with a $25 or more donation. With every donation of $25 or more, you will receive a set of five prayer cards. For every increment of $25 ($50= 2 sets, $100 = 4 sets etc.), we will send you an additional set. Your gift helps free people from sexual sin and heal their families, as well as bringing awareness and truth to society. Thanks to our supporters, we distribute hundreds of thousands of pamphlets and reach over 500,000 people through our online presence. Help us continue to spread the message of purity to more people!

With your financial support, we pledge to annually:

  • Distribute hundreds of thousands of pamphlets, including “5 Keys to Freedom from Sexual Sin”, “So What’s Wrong With Porn Anyway?” and “Renunciation Prayers and Breaking Souls Ties” to churches across America that outline the steps people can take to liberate themselves from pornography and the damage it causes.

  • Enroll Thousands in the “Restoring God’s Foundation” Catholic Sexual Integrity Program.

  • Offer personal testimonies to people looking for hope and answers. Dann Aungst, Road to Purity founder, has given his personal, candid, and honest testimony to thousands at conferences and gatherings.

  • Publish books, such as 40 Days to Freedom, Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity, From One Addict to Another, and more. These books offer a personal account of the reality of addiction, its effects and dangers, and a step-by-step process for developing alternative healthy behaviors while healing the underlying source of addiction.

  • Publish internet articles on the effects of pornography and steps to freedom.

  • Reach over 500,000 individuals on social media with messages of hope, spirituality, and education through clips and articles of inspiration, information on the dangers of pornography, and links for help.

Educate clergy, deacons, and seminarians on the evils of pornography and how to address the topic with penitents in the confessional and o be better formed to help and direct their flock in receiving much-needed assistance and resources in overcoming the bondage to sexual sin as well as guiding families and their children in authentic teaching on sexuality and pornography.

Our Achievements to date

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