Selling your business in the current climate

What to do if you want to sell your business in the current 'global economic crisis'.

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In this ebook you will get expert advice on:

  • How to get the maximum price for your business sale.
  • Guide your through a clear process to avoid being ‘bargain hunted’ by buyers.
  • How best to prepare your business for sale and when to sell to maximise the return.
  • Give you tips on how to stay calm and focused during the ‘ global economic crisis’.

About The Author

Paul Vousden - Corporate Counsel

Corporate Counsel is headed up by Paul Vousden, an experienced and seasoned business leader who specialises in helping businesses achieve fast, profitable growth. In addition, Paul also turns around ailing businesses and prepares companies for sale. He and his team can also help with mergers and business acquisitions and develop businesses to perform at their very best.