Hello Nonprofit Leader & Fundraiser!

Having spent 20-years in the nonprofit sector, I understand the joys and frustrations of raising money for a cause. I've experienced the same struggles you are currently facing in your fundraising efforts. I know how important it is to fix this fast so that you can begin to see an increase in donations on a consistent basis. I can tell you there is a better way to raise the money you need to support your mission and make a greater impact.

The Problem: Inconsistent Donations

I know your heart ... you are involved in the nonprofit sector because you have a burning passion to make a difference in this world. You dream of growing and expanding programs so you can have a greater impact but the one thing you were not prepared for: fundraising.

Fundraising is your kryptonite. 

You feel as if you are constantly spinning your wheels, gaining little traction with financial partners.

You are passionate about your nonprofit but struggle to raise the money necessary to fully fund your operations. As a result:

  • You are investing your own money to keep your nonprofit afloat and realize this is not sustainable
  • You have adopted a practice of approaching everyone for donations because you don't know how to identify the right donors
  • The long hours you devote to fundraising, both in and out of work, puts a strain on your marriage and family time
  • Lacking an effective donor cultivation strategy is costing you thousands of dollars in untapped revenue, every year 

Through my Double Your Donations coaching program you will find the answer to your fundraising frustrations.

I have your back ... and the solution!

The Solution: Double Your Donations Coaching Program

I want to share a sobering statistic with you. 

50% of all nonprofits will fail

The number one reason: lack of financial resources. 

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. It is essential to develop strategies that focus on sustainable revenue generation so that your nonprofit not only survives the first five years of operation, but THRIVES for decades into the future.

One of the most effective ways to build in a stream of reliable, consistent, and sustainable revenue for your nonprofit is to implement a monthly giving program as part of your nonprofit's fundraising strategy.

My 10-week coaching program equips your team with the tools and system to implement a successful monthly giving program so that you make the transition from inconsistent donations to reliable revenue in less than 90 days.

  • Week 1: Assessment, Expectations, and OverviewWe will take stock of your nonprofit's funding gaps and prepare for the journey ahead!
  • Week 2: Assemble A Team You will create an actionable plan to build a support team to assist in managing your nonprofit’s monthly giving program.
  • Week 3: Define Your NeedsYou will generate a list of your nonprofit’s most pressing needs that will form the giving levels of your monthly giving program.
  • Week 4: Reflection & Review  We give pause and devote time to the questions that may arise along the way.
  • Week 5: Donor Audience + Alignment  You will gain clarity about who comprises your Primary Donor Audience and you will develop a psycho-graphic of your ideal donor.
  • Week 6: Team Strategy Session (with Board)  We will meet as a group, via Zoom, to discuss strategy, systems, and capacity expansion.
  • Week 7: Communication & Messaging You will learn the art of creating compelling content that resonates with your donor audience so that they feel inspired to take action through financial partnership.
  • Week 8: Structure You will construct the framework for your nonprofit's multi-tiered monthly giving program.
  • Week 9: Calendar of Events You will establish a system for hosting events that is easy to duplicate and seamless to implement so that your campaign remains front-and-center as an integral part of your fundraising strategy.
  • Week 10: Wrap-up and Next Steps.

My Commitment To You!


  • Weekly Coaching Sessions (60 minutes, via Zoom)
  • Email Access (Mon - Thurs, 10:00am - 3:00pm/Eastern)
  • Voicemail Access (Mon - Thurs, 10:00am - 3:00pm/Eastern)
  • 60-min Strategy Session (with team/Board)
  • Resources, templates, and support tools to help your team
  • Free access to the 2020 release of my signature online course, Monthly Giving Masterclass

Your Investment

The Double Your Donations coaching program is designed to equip your team with the strategy and system to implement a successful monthly giving program so that you make the transition from inconsistent donations to reliable revenue. The system you will learn in this coaching program will enable you to tap into tens-of-thousands of dollars in unsolicited revenue, right in your community.

You agree to show up for each coaching session with a "can-do" positive attitude, having completed the assignments due each week. This 10-week coaching program is fast-paced and involves a commitment to rolling up your sleeves and diving into this experience so that you can put your organization on a firm path to generating sustainable revenue.

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