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From the award-winning dystopian novel THE REVISIONARY comes Portia Abernathy's origin story, which began years earlier.

With her brother's looming draft, three young friends make a pact they vow not to break. But when her world unravels around her, Portia fears she'll lose her brother and best friend anyway.

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An award-winning author and life-long learner, Kristen Hogrefe Parnell writes for both teens and adults who enjoy suspenseful fiction from a faith perspective.

If we were free, we could decide what we grow up to be.”

~ Darius

Book One in the Trilogy

The Revisionary

"The Revisionary is a sharply written dystopian tale with an interesting protagonist and supporting characters. The well-woven plot takes some interesting turns, including journeys of a sort back into American history. The political and relational intrigues and subtle spirituality were captivating. This is a book readers should look forward to reading." - Reviewer

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