What you get - 

Four emails that break down what's holding back your hips and leg height!

Text and videos, plus quick replies if you have questions!

  • Email #1 -
    It covers the muscles that help lift your legs and those that don't. There is a lot of misconception here, so I will clear that up first!
  • Email #2 -
    I'll break down the common roadblocks - gripping, pinching, cramping, etc. As we take care of these, you'll be able to see success without pain!
  • Email #3
    Let's clear up what's holding you back. Do you need to stretch something - if so, what? Or is the strength of a particular muscle the issue? In this email, I'll help you determine what YOU need to focus on.
  • Email #4
    Once you have your plan, what are the best exercises or movements to use, and how can you adjust them to see progress week after week? In this email, I'll make this super clear for you!

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