Is this YOU?

🌟You're always being asked for last-minute favours (laundry, cooking, lending money, helping them run errands).

🌟The idea of having time for yourself feels a bit absurd or like a thing of the distant past.

🌟You can't switch your phone off for fear of having to respond to their text or call. 

🌟You feel taken for granted.

🌟You off-load to your friends or partner about how annoyed you feel but when you try to address it with your child directly you end up in arguments or upset.

If you are nodding along to any of the above then download this 5-step guide to setting boundaries with your offspring!  

By setting boundaries you will see three benefits:

1) Your relationship will be more enjoyable and less dogged by resentment and feeling like the bottom of the pile.

2) You will be less BURNT OUT because you will be doing less and holding less in your mind all the time.

3) By modelling how to set healthy boundaries your child will learn how to do this in their own future relationships, this is a powerful message.