Why creating another newsletter?

It's autumn 2020.

I created BeInnovActiv' just over 3 years ago.

Hiding behind the “I” is me, Carole Ponchon... Citizen of the world, passionate about sport, I am convinced that it can be the catalyst for a better world. And I work daily to give substance to this vision.

Yesterday a 🧤 goalkeeper ⚽ I was, and today a #Dreamkeeper I am... Who knows, maybe tomorrow the keeper of your dreams I will be.

I am also passionate about words and personal development. So in this crazy year (could it be any different for a year ending in 20?), I challenge myself to write ✍️ for you.

To share with you my thoughts but also my nuggets⭐, to help you avoid the pitfalls that I've gone through in my entrepreneurial career, and to tell you some behind the scenes stories 🧭.

I offer you a newsletter like no other, a perfect (or not) blend of reflections 🤯 and useful links 🧰, a certain amount of inspiration at the intersection of Personal development, Intercultural project management and Leadership.

3 Good Reasons to join

the community of those who receive the BeInnovActiv' newsletter:

Reason n°1 - Dream 🌄

Discover or rediscover ways to unleash your potential, focusing on the essential.

Reason n°2 - Believe 💪

Level up your game: obtain tips and feedback on practical tools and methods.

Reason n°3 - Become 👣

Receive my bi-monthly dose of inspiration, an invitation to think differently, and a challenge to take action.

In practice?

  • I promise you a 📧 newsletter every two weeks 📅 providing advises and thoughts to develop your knowledge and a #Dream.Believe.Become state of mind
  • A #Dream.Believe.Become state of mind 🤔 ? Curious about this mantra? I tell you all about it in my welcoming email... 😉

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