We are about to launch our 9th Children's Book and a brand new author!

I started publishing children's books, to connect lessons to young minds. As we jump into a brand new series, I am so excited to take my books to the next level.

This Fall, we are giving a proper launch to:

Worry Won't Win: Moe & Eliza Explore Anxiety!

This new book takes a look at anxiety from a whole new angle, focusing on the the way it feels and the way we can exert control back over it.

Because I want to get this book into as many homes as possible, I'll be offering the digital version (eBook) for FREE on launch day.

If you're interested in signing up for the LAUNCH TEAM, fill out this brief form and you'll get a free copy when the book is ready (before anyone else!), free resources to go with the book, and entered into giveaways,,,

NEXT UP... We'll be Launching "Can You Be Brave?" by Nicole & Giuliana Clarke! Stay tuned!