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You'll find a variety of whimsical amigurumi patterns and adoption kits for those of you who are passionate about creating beautiful things with your own two hands.

Amigurumi Patterns

Three Little Pigs

The Not So Big Bad Wolf

A Kitten & Her Mittens

Pattern Bundle

Amigurumi Adoption Kits

Adoption Bundle

In this bundle you will get all five of the designs for the price of four. Mix and match to create your very own Adoption Kits!

Happy Unicorn 

This Handmade Toy Adoption Kit is for the child (or adult) that loves all things unicorns, flowers and clouds.

Sleepy Sloth

Who doesn't love sleepy, slow sloths? In this neutral colored kit you will find silly sloths, hearts and rainbows.

Bright Rainbow

The perfect adoption kit for those who love bright, imaginative colors! You'll find a bird, hearts, flowers and rainbows.

Bear & Balloon

Fond of teddy bears and hot air balloons? This kit is a combination of soft hearts, happy stars and an old timey airplane!

Little Ladybug

This adoption kit is for all the ladybug fans! You'll find a whimsical ladybug. a fun rainbow and sweet flowers for your special bug!

This amigurumi adoption kit theme includes a happy little crab, a smiling shark, a big blue whale, a pretty pink octopus and more!

With Easter Amigurumi Adoption Kit, you will be able to create a gift giving experience that you can tuck right into that Easter basket. 

This Halloween amigurumi adoption kit includes a happy little ghost, a haunted pumpkin house, a scaredy cat and more!

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