VALUES AND PRINCIPLES; First and foremost you will teach the values most important to you and your family. You will guide and shape the character of your son or daughter and experience a level of satisfaction many parents miss. You are free to pursue excellence. Sadly, our government schools have politicized the educational process and seem to be motivated by a collective agenda.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING; You can schedule your education model on your terms. Since when does class have to start at a specific time and end at a specific time? Who said it has to be Monday through Friday? Are holidays any reason not to be engaged in fun learning activities? Flexibility has its benefits.

LEARNING STYLE; All of us have a particular learning style we align ourselves with that is more effective than others. Some of us are more inclined to learn visually, auditory, hands-on (kinesthetic), or by reading/writing. The traditional classroom setting does not offer this flexibility and leads  many students to become disengaged and uninterested.

CHOOSING SUBJECT MATTER; Brain development and maturity comes in its own timing. While some kids might be ready to absorb certain information at 10 years of age, others might not be ready till they’re 12. That does not make them a bad student. As parents, we have better insight and the ability to recognize our own child’s timing. Besides, what if….we were to highlight our child’s education with those things they’re most passionate about? Art, music, science, math, etc.? Mastery is true education. If little Jimmy isn’t so good at understanding geography but he’s an ace at building model airplanes, how effective is it to immerse him in map reading? His future may actually be in design work. Destiny is discoverable.

EDUCATION TRAVELS WELL; Some of the best field trips a student can take is with his or her own family. Activities can include trips to the lake, a park, roadside markers, zoo, local fire department, or city hall just to name a few. Family vacations are equally beneficial to teachable moments. As teacher, you control the learning environment. It is your agenda on your terms.

GOOD CITIZENSHIP; A home education model provides an opportunity to influence your community through teachable volunteer activities and needed projects. Interaction with various age groups also provides a backdrop of unique perspectives and life stories. By helping those less fortunate or bringing life to the infirmed, our children are blessed to be a blessing. In the bigger picture, the student becomes teacher.

PEER PRESSURE; We all know, peer pressure is real and can be very detrimental. In many cases the outcomes are more than kids can bare. The good news is, as a home educator, you control the environment. You create the safe space and keep things productive. There is no shame in nurturing and protecting the well-being of our children.

Don’t let schooling interfere with your education. “ Mark Twain.

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