Tired?  Overwhelmed?  Stressed?  Up and Down?  Meh?

> Feel more BALANCED

> Give your energy levels a BOOST

> Happiness from the inside out and BEAM

This is for you if you're  feeling "meh" at the moment, frustrated, overwhelmed and tired. Fed up with life as it is right now, feeling stuck.

Perhaps you are a mum who has a baby with little support, or older children at home every day.

You probably like doing some yoga and relaxation, you'd love to make self care a priority but never seem to be able to really stick at it, or are at a bit of a loss as to how to do it.

You might take time to do some self care activities, and know they make you feel good, and you're now ready to learn something new, something deeper.

Maybe you feel unmotivated or don't feel you have the time or energy to look after you, after everyone else.

Maybe you are sick of the "positive vibes only" or "new year, new you" rhetoric when right now you are just trying to get by through a global pandemic!

Maybe you are. just .so. damn. tired.

£111 for the whole month - Special intro price to the course just this time!  

(Can be paid in 2 instalments if required)


Some kind words expressed after my last energy course:

How does it work?

THE ENERGY MAKEOVER will run for 4 weeks from 1 February, during which time you'll be part of a private Facebook group, so as to create a safe container for a small group participating. 

> WEEK 1

We will explore what has an impact on our energy levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.  You will learn how to connect more to your body and breath, be more able to tune into and  "read" your feelings and energy levels.

> WEEK 2

We will look into our chakra system and energy field and ways to help our energy flow more freely within our body and around us.  You will practise tuning in more closely into where any "stuck" energy may be, how to release and transform it.

> WEEK 3

This week we will learn more about natural resources and tools we can use to help balance, restore and boost our energy.  These will be for you to integrate into your life on a regular basis, however feels right for you.

> WEEK 4

This final week will be an opportunity for you to recap what we've learnt, ask any questions, and finalise your "power plan" for moving forward with making positive changes for a happier, high vibe life.

Included alongside live coaching calls (which can also be accessed any time), I will share some wonderfully grounding, nurturing and uplifting practices such as Yoga, Quantum Flow, Acupressure Points and Massage, Essential Oils, and much more to increase our energy flow and feel more high vibe, even when we are feeling all the feels. 

It will feel like coming home to yourself. Your most energised and happy self.

I can't wait to share this with you.

What do you think??

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I'm Pippa, I'm a mother of three, a Yoga  teacher, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and Wellbeing Mentor. I live with my husband, 3 children, a dog and a cat in North Bedfordshire, UK.

​I am super-passionate about providing specialist holistic services to enable mums to feel more calm, connected and energised whilst being inspired to living the best version of their life, whatever stage in life you are going through.

To be healthy and positive on the inside and out.

What you will get from me:

  • body, mind, soul and energy work to help bring your energy back to balance
  • a personal, joined up approach to your wellbeing to provide you with individualised care
  • a held space for you to find your own peace, power and purpose
  • gentle strength, flexibility, and patience, to allow you room to explore, support and share
  • a toolkit of practises and knowledge that will help you make changes to manifest your best life
  • an open heart and mind, a gentle inquisitiveness to help uncover areas you may feel stuck with