GP and Gestalt Psychotherapist

Hi. I'm Dr Leila Davis. I can support you towards psychological growth, starting exactly where you are.

Dr Leila Davis

Gestalt Therapist

Support for building confidence and momentum for change, so you can take your next step.

Retreat Leader

Creating a tight container for growth and change while resting, nourishing and connecting.


I'm Dr Leila Davis

Ever since I was little I've loved creating connection between people. Soothing the pain of isolation and creating joy.

Now I'm a Doctor and Gestalt Therapist and I bring my skills and experience to ease emotional pain and create loving spaces for growth and change.

My specialty is working with women's groups towards transformation, but I also work

   * One to one in Brisbane and Online

  * With Couples

  * On weekend retreats in Stanthorpe

  * Offering week-long retreats internationally in Bali and France

I'm excited to meet you!

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    One to One

    Start the Journey

    From wherever you are in life, start your journey of transformation and connection to your precious heart.


    Build Relationship

    Learn tools for communicating and really connecting with your intimate loved ones, children and family members.


    Transform Your Life

    Come on a journey of discovery so that you can find the gap between contact and response. Explore choice and embrace change.


    Stanthorpe Spacious Heart Weekend

    February 21-23

    An opportunity to connect within a small, safe group in the beauty of nature. Yoga, meditation, group work, voice opening.

    Transformational Women's Group

    February-July 2020

    Take a six month journey onto Gestalt interpersonal skills building and self awareness. six monthly meetings and a weekend in Stanthorpe.

    Bali Opening to Life Retreat

    October 10-17, 2020

    Restore for a week in a boutique retreat which provides growth, fun, adventure and momentum towards change.