Nagging words won't work. 

Silent Treatment is worse. 

Revenge will affect your children. 

Praying for your spouse to change is a long thing too.

Let me show you how to apply kingdom principles and wisdom in making your marriage work. This is what God wants for you. No need to stress it.

Some of the reasons why marriages suffer includes:

  • Values and beliefs misalignment.
  • Ignorance and fear.
  • Personality clash.
  • Wrong influence, poor modelling and lifestyle.
  • Wrong foundation and mindset.
  • Poor choices.
  • Generational patterns.
  • Spiritual manipulations, etc.

Regardless of the reason why your marriage experiences friction, I have compiled some of the things God has taught me when I got tired of fighting with words and my strength. It is easy to read, practical and guarantees a shift in your marriage atmosphere and outcomes.

Marriage is hard on the flesh, why not play by God's principles and let Him help you?

Happy reading!