Athine could be the one to save them...or destroy them all.


Athine does not believe in fate, but when she learns she has the power to kill other immortals her fate comes knocking.


Matters take a turn for the worse when the mysterious Kinir reveals that Harmonia, Athine’s beloved sister, is the coming evil fate demands she battle.


Now Athine must choose between becoming the champion that will save her world or saving her sister.


Find out what path Athine chooses by reading THE BEGINNING, a new mythological fantasy that fans of JRR Tolkien, Sara C. Roethle, and Xena will not want to miss.


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What readers are saying about this book

The only downside of the entire book is that it was too short. Roughly 25,000 words kept me in my seat for three hours straight and left me wanting more when I was finished with the book. I will definitely be reading the next two books in the series to get more of what Shannon has started in this book.
I would recommend this book for readers in middle school grades and higher. There is no use of profanity, no sexual encounters, and the violence is mild but realistic.

The story flows seamlessly as you learn about Harmonia and Athine, two half sisters, both the daughters of Ares. The story moves between both character leads and shows the world from their point of view. The transitions between the character leads were well written, even in places where things happened at the same time. It was a nice transition to see multiple things happening at the same time as Shannon did well at story showing instead of story telling.

A must read for Greek Mythology lovers. An Oracle's ancient prophecy foretold that Ares' favorite daughter will break a spell then allowing Ares to rule Olympia. Athine and Harmonia, two of Ares warrior daughters are fated to players in this prophecy. Will they choose to use their powers to save Olympus, Ximira and Draosia? Will they use their powers for personal gain?

Shannon McRoberts had me spellbound long after I put it down.
Even if you not a fan of this particular genre, I recommend you pick it up and settle in for the beginning of the adventure of your life!

About the author

Shannon McRoberts is a lover of fantasy. She has always enjoyed comic books, RPGs, and fantasy themed shows; so, it is no wonder that she has herself become a weaver of myths and magic. 

Shannon hardly has any spare time between her day job, being a wife and mother, and taking care of four crazy cats. Occasionally, she is able to find fifteen minutes to hide in her closet to brainstorm on her WIPs before anyone in the house catches on that she is trying to work on her books.

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