The MEGA Cool Guide to the Universe of Blogging

The ultimate guide for every blogger, writer or creative who wants to:

  • increase their online influence
  • and achieve better results.

Skyrocket your blogging performance to infinity and beyond!





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Author: Meg Konovska

A professional artist, designer, author and MEGician with 15+ years of experience.
Founder and Creative Director of
Just How Cool Is That -
the website for creatives to learn and share about the Journey and what it takes to make things happen.

What others are saying:

Cori Leigh

writer, blogger, social media manager, web designer

website: Cori Writer - Blogging With Purpose

A fantastic read! The MEGA Cool Guide to the Universe of Blogging is a unique and rare gem! It's a blend of Meg's story about how she became a blogger and helpful blogging tips we can all use. It's a 'must have' guide for everyone on the incredible journey into the world of blogging.

Written in a style that captivated my interest throughout the pages. So beautifully designed! I highly recommend it! MEGA Cool on the Cool scale!

Frank McKinley

author, writing coach, founder of the Tribe Builder's Network.

website: Frank McKinley, Author

Do you dream of making a living with your writing?

Start by engaging with readers.

The best way to start is with your own blog. The Mega Cool Guide to the Universe of Blogging has got you covered. You'll be an engaging writer faster than you ever imagined!


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