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Dear Reader,

I am thrilled to offer you a new instalove collection, for fans of steamy F/F romance with a dark twist... from suspense to paranormal to mystery. Each story snack is set in three of my favorite cities - LA, LV, and SF - and features my most wicked and wild pairings, ever. I appreciate my readers more than you know, and humbly request the favor of a rating/review. Stay tuned for more F/F Instalove Story snacks in your in-box!

Syd West


Syd West

Syd West is the independent author of the audio thriller saga, Home, and the creator of Dirty Classics - naughty novellas inspired by literary canon. Her #hotmess edgy romantic comedy series, and instalove collections, Joyride and Beta Babes, are out now. All titles can be enjoyed in a single sitting by readers 18+.

Formerly Syd wrote and produced film and television credited as Summer Lopez, represented by William Morris Endeavor. She lives in the Sierra Nevada with her son, Bear. She also writes YA romance and middle-grade mystery under the pen name, Coop Kirby, for teen readers.

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