9 Steps to Make Partner Without Burning Out

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My Fellow Lawyers

When I burned out early in my career, I could have left the practice of law. In fact, most Google searches that I made, asking “How to cope with stress as a lawyer?” basically told me to get out while I could and not to look back. 

But that was not what I wanted. 

I decided that I was going to be a lawyer, no matter what. 

I was going make Partner at my law firm.  

At the time, I believed that it wasn’t the firm that burned me out. It was the clients, the adversaries, the Judges, the deadlines, the hours, the constant pressure. 

Then, I discovered mindfulness, mindset and thought work practices and slowly realized that it was me. I was blaming all of these circumstances outside of me when, really, 

it was my inability to manage my mind that caused my burnout. Once I accepted that fact, I began to work on becoming a Partner at my firm, without burning out.

Right now your reality looks a bit like this:

  • You think you are the only person who struggles with feelings of stress, anxiety and burnout and that everyone else has it figured out but you. 
  • When you think about the successes that you’ve already achieved, it feels like a fluke.
  • You want more opportunities to build a book of business, but don’t want to seem too aggressive or ambitious.
  • You want to be in charge of litigation files and connect directly with clients instead of being trapped in an endless document review slog, but don’t want to seem ungrateful when you ask for more.
  • You want to ask for and get honest feedback that enables you to make improvements in your legal skills and to have better relationships with senior partners, but don’t want it to seem like you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • You want to have a seat at the partnership table, even though you are implicitly made aware that it was not systemically made for you.
  • You want to speak up and show up as your authentic self at work without evoking negative stereotypes.
  • You want to do all of these things without sacrificing your personal interests and passions that enrich your life outside of the practice of law.

There is only one reason that you don’t have the career that you want right now:

Your skills and intellect as a lawyer are solid, but your mindset is not.

And that is something that you can change.

My name is Cheyne Scott. I am a litigation Partner with a law firm in New Jersey and I have been creating content and conducting seminars about mindfulness and mindset ever since I burned out early on in my legal career. 

I burned out so you don't have to. 

If I had taken these 9 steps before,  I wouldn't have burned out when I did. 

I didn’t have these tools then. 

But you can have them now.