You know you need to add to your services, but you're feeling overwhelmed - your schedule is tight and where do you even start in building an online course?

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You can't seem to wrap your head around the process of creating a course.
  • You're pretty sure you've done a webinar on this topic already but can't seem to find the recording.
  • You're frustrated trying to get your coaching assets out to more clients but have no clue how to upload them onto a course platform.
  • You feel guilty wishing you could have more time with family and help more clients but you are maxed out on your to-do list.

What if there was a way around the struggle?

Imagine being able to deliver meaningful content to an endless number of clients, always being able to see what content you've already created, and knowing the exact process to build and launch a course. All without giving up more time with your family or piling more on your to-do list.


The Eager Beaver Course Build and Launch Package

The most comprehensive service for building and launching your online course today, without the worry of how you'll get it all done.

A Complete Course Building Package that Helps You Get Your Course Out Into the World No Matter How Busy or Unorganized You Are.

The first done-for-you course building service of its kind that not only gives you a fully built user-friendly course but also gives you a game plan for structuring, organizing, and marketing your course which you can use for future courses.

Some benefits of this package:

  • One-on-one personalized attention so you know your ideas are being heard and valued.
  • A game plan for how to structure and market your course so you can be sure you are providing meaningful and engaging content your audience needs.
  • A system for organizing your content so you always know what you have and where it is located.
  • More free time to work on the things in your business that you excel at and enjoy as well as more time with your family.
  • And more!

Here's what's included in this service:

2 Hour Planning Session + Weekly Check-In Calls

During this planning session, we'll create your course outline and objectives.  We'll also develop a game-plan so you'll know what activities need to be completed when they'll be completed, and who they'll be completed by. You'll no longer have to worry about what the process is for building and launching your course.

Course Asset Lodge

With the course asset database, you'll have a system in place for organizing all your content so you'll always know what content you already have and what content still needs to be created.

Hot to Trot Build

In this course build, all the heavy lifting is done for you.  Your content will be loaded and tested on your fully operational course platform complete with a sales page, checkout page and thank you page, so you'll have more time to focus on your family and the tasks you enjoy and are good at.


Email Launch Squence + Social Schedule Set-Up

Here you'll get all your launch emails and social media posts set-up and scheduled so you don't have to stress over what needs to be sent and when to send it, it's all already done for you. #setitandforgetit

Not Sure Yet? Here Are Some Great Extras...

The Hustler Plan

Do you wish you could copy yourself so you can GET STUFF DONE? With my content management plan, you'll get 10 hours of exceptional support and prioritized tasks to help you simplify your everyday to-do list so you can reclaim your free time. 

Video Training

Want to know exactly how to set-up and manage your course? This training will walk you through step-by-step how to build and manage your online course so you don't have to waste time researching the steps when you are ready to do it on your own.

Email Templates + Checklist

Not sure what you need to write in your launch emails? You'll get all the email templates used to create the launch sequence as well as a checklist of what emails and social posts need to be sent and when to send them.

Who Am I?

I'm Desiree Newton, but you can call me Des - all my friends do! I'm an online course specialist.  I have an extensive background in education from teaching to working as an administrative assistant in the e-learning industry for the past 12 plus years.  I'm experienced in lesson planning, building courses on a variety of platforms, and course management.  I am known for being a hard worker, reliable, and timely.

The Eager Beaver Package is PERFECT for you if...

  • You've been coaching for some time now and you know that you're ready to add to your services by offering courses to grow your business. But you just don't have the capacity to take on more.
  • You have an idea for a course and even some content already created but now what? You need someone to do the heavy lifting for you, showing you the steps along the way.
  • You're overwhelmed by all the pieces involved in launching a course and don't know where to begin. You need someone to set up a plan for you that shows what to do and when.


Are you ready to finally turn your big idea into a profitable online course and take your business to the next level and still have extra time for family?

Then stop spinning your wheels trying to find time to plan, build and launch your course.

Let's Get Started!

  • 2 Hour Planning Session + Weekly Check-In Calls
  • Course Asset Lodge
  • Hot to Trot Build
  • Email Launch Sequence + Social Schedule Set-Up
  • BONUS: Lead Magnet + Workbook Design 
  • BONUS: The Hustler Plan 
  • BONUS: Video Training
  • BONUS: Email Templates + Checklist