Are you tired of hearing, "What's for dinner?"

Because you literally have NO. IDEA.

Does this sound like you? 

  • It's time to make a meal but you can't because your meat is still frozen.
  • You dread making supper tonight because you have no idea what to make. 
  • You spend way too much money going out to eat. 

The Easy-Peasy Meal Plan Kit is your answer!


  • Knowing exactly what you are feeding your family each day.
  • Never running out of meal ideas
  • Saving a ton of money by not eating out as often.

Meal Planning Just Makes Sense.

  • You SAVE MONEY by not going out to eat.
    • You SAVE TIME by not having to make multiple trips to the grocery store. 
    • You EAT HEALTHIER by controlling how the food is made, the portion sizes, and what you eat. 

    The Easy Peasy Meal Plan Kit isn't like other meal planning printables because it does the hard part for you - a huge list of food ideas! 

    You don't have to stare at a blank page hoping something will come to mind. 

    Simply refer to the food lists to create a meal plan.  

    At $5, it's cheaper than a combo meal in the drive thru!

    So what do you get?

    - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and side dish ideas.

    - blank weekly meal plan

    - blank monthly meal plan

    - blank grocery shopping list

    - blank family favorites

    - PDF downloadable printable. You will not receive anything in the mail.


    Hi! I'm Emily, wife to Thomas and mom of two. I used to hate the question, "What's for supper?" But then I started using a meal list and meal planning the simple way! It makes life so much easier. I want that for you too!