The Eat Clean, Stay Sane course is for moms who want to feed their family healthy food, but can't seem to make it a reality. 

Eat Clean, Stay Sane helps you get past the overwhelm and equips you to make the best decisions for your family, because only YOU know your family and their needs.

This system is adaptable and works for your family's specific dietary needs.

I still remember when we decided we were going to start eating clean as a family. I sat down with my grocery list and my mind blanked. Wait, what actually is healthy?

The internet gave me so many different options...Vegan, Paleo, whole grains, gluten-Free, coconut oil is the new superfood, coconut oil will give you high cholesterol. Whoaaaa. And every article out there was convinced that if you didn’t do x,y, and z then you weren’t doing anything right.

 Yeah, I never found that person. So instead I just kept reading, just kept feeling guilty when we ate junk, spent loads on groceries, and tried a bunch of clean eating ridiculously involved Pinterest recipes and was always totally wiped by the time I got dinner to the table (that exactly no one under five feet enjoyed).

It was a little defeating to then look around at my messy kitchen and feel slightly jealous of those who threw a frozen pizza in the oven!

You can create a healthy foundation for your family in the midst of you crazy schedule.

You can ENJOY dinner with your family without being frazzled at the end of the day.

You can have a clean kitchen! The Eat Clean, Stay Sane plan optimizes your time - you're not left so exhausted that you leave it in the sink to "soak"...but if you decide to do that anyway, I won't judge. :)

The Eat Clean, Stay Sane system equips you:

  • to have a balanced understanding of what it looks like to eat a clean diet
  • with a framework that adapts to your needs
  • to create a meal plan and grocery lists (with beautiful printables of course)
  • to create a life style change that sticks

What exactly is this course like?

The course is created for busy mamas, so you don't have to self-pace your way through this course. I'll hold your hand the entire way and in three weeks time, you will be well on your way to peaceful and healthy family dinners.

Eat Clean, Stay Sane includes 3 lesson videos, a weekly worksheet and assignment, and 3 Collaborative Q and A's where we, as a class come up with solutions that will be good fit for your family. You will also get access to the Eat Clean, Stay Sane Pinterest Board and FB Group.

Week 1: So What Does it Mean to Eat Clean?

In the first lesson we will discuss what healthy eating looks like and choose 1-3 adjustments you will make to begin implementing (do-able) progress in your family's eating habits over 2018.

Week 2: The Eat Clean, Stay Sane System

A detailed lesson on how the this system works and how to efficiently meal plan, so that you have more free time to do all the other things only you can do!

Week 3: Making the System Yours

We will discuss how to make this system work for you! No two families are alike and it's important to adapt Eat Clean, Stay Sane system to your families needs. This lesson will teach you how to use this system through different seasons of life along with out to eat healthy on a budget.

Hi, I am Sophie Piper

When I am not chasing my two kiddos around, or doing laundry, I blog over at Real Foodie Family. I am on a journey of systematically changing the way my family eats for the better.

We  have three food allergies in our family. Over the last five years, I’ve learned the hard way that how I eat directly affects my health. With food allergies, we don't have the option to just go out to eat when life get's crazy, so I've had to get really intentional to minimize stress in the kitchen to get dinner on the table.

Grab your seat for only $50 for the whole course!


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It’s exactly what I need as a busy stay at home mom. I want so badly for my family to eat healthier on a regular basis but out of laziness and information overload I give up. This course is perfect for our family because it helps me get organized and prepared for a lifetime of benefits and it provides the exact tools and resources I need to be successful.


Autism Homeschool Mama

I love how easy this system makes meal planning. First, no jumping through hoops and grabbing a million things at the grocery store. I love buying my meats at Costco because they have great prices on Organic foods. This plan works perfectly with that! I don't have to buy 6 meats in bulk at once to feel like I'm still having variety. Second, as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom, time is my most valuable asset. The ideas in here are such major time savers! Third, I have a lot of dietary issues and love that this is a super flexible way to meal plan.


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If you want to feed your family healthier but don't know where to begin, Eat Clean, Stay Sane is for you! Every new year I make a resolution to feed my family healthier, but it usually doesn't last because I end up falling into the same old habits when life gets hectic. Eat Clean, Stay Sane helps my family make lasting changes. Thanks to this course, I now have all the tools I need to eat clean without all the stress. Best of all? I can customize this plan to fit my family and I'm spending less time in the kitchen and more time with my kids.

Did you that studies show that Americans spent more on eating out in 2017 then they did on groceries? If you find your family eating out more often than you'd like, my guess is that this course will pay for itself in just one week.

The value you get from Eat Clean, Stay Sane isn't just an investment in your family's health, but it will put money back in your pockets!


How is the course set up?

The course is created for busy mama's, so you don't have to self-pace your way through this course. I'll hold your hand the entire way and in three weeks time, you will be well on your way to peaceful and healthy family dinners.

Eat Clean, Stay Sane includes 3 lesson videos, a weekly worksheet and assignment, printable planning materials, and 3 Collaborative Q and A's where we, as a class come up with solutions that will be good fit for your family. You will also get access to the Eat Clean, Stay Sane Pinterest Board and FB Group.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have life-time access to the course.

How is the content presented?

You will get a weekly video lesson with slides within our Facebook group, printable, and worksheets. There will also be 3 scheduled Facebook lives where can strategize together.

Will I have access to everything immediately?
No, the course doesn't start until January 8th. You will be added to the Facebook group and the class will start on that Monday.

What is your refund policy?

The course lasts 3 weeks, and you have two weeks (10 days) to get your full refund!

What is the best way to contact you?

E-mail me at





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