What readers are saying about this book

Thelma Bourne

Zahra has put me firmly on the road to realizing my aspirations. Zahra understood and encouraged me. 

Rajaa Mounir

Friendly, professional, and very passionate about what she does!

Anna Abram

I am very grateful to Zahra for her uniquely attentive, skillful, and enthusiastic guidance!

About the author

Zahra Pedersen

I am a CYQ certified level 3 personal trainer, nutritionist and kettlebell instructor. I work with women of all ages and fitness abilities, with a variety of issues such as weight-loss, training for specific sports or events, muscular strength, and more. 

I simply promote a healthy lifestyle, great wellbeing and the ability to lead a happy life within your body, mind, and soul. 

I believe that taking care of your body reflects on every aspect of your life be it your quality of sleep, stress levels or even your spirituality. Having a flat stomach and toned arms are just a bonus! ...a nice bonus admittedly, but still just a bonus!