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Women in sustainable business is a thriving Facebook community, where you get to ask questions, pitch your services, support others, and build you authority and other communities as well!

When you build your credibility in spaces such as these, you get referred more by others, and are able to grow a more active following of people interested in your work!

I am grateful for those of you who've become a part of my Facebook Community Women in Sustainable Business, and my Instagram community Where Ideas Launch, and I want to help you get even more from this connection with me than you already have.

Introducing the Ecopreneur's HOPE Zone


Such a simple word that frames so much of why we do what we do. We know the society and world we live in isn't sustainable on it's current trajectory, but we hold HOPE we can make a difference. 

Yet we are not naive, so we embrace our OPPORTUNITY as business owners to do things differently.

We conduct the research, check the facts and organise our work so that our businesses represent our PURPOSE.

Most of all it is through our EFFORT that we make our actions count. 

Welcome to the Ecopreneur's Hope Zone.

My mission is to help sustainable minded businesses first to thrive and ultimately to become what's expected of businesses and societies in our world. 

My hope is that I can create a space that facilitates your development, authority, and success in the areas in which you need it.

Benefit from the energy of community. Gain access below and start sharing your stories with us, so we can show case what you're up to!

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Why me, and why this?

I needed to do more to make a difference.

I'm originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up, my ambition was to travel and visit places I considered more advanced and developed than where I lived. 

I trained as an accountant and started my career in banking, before moving to a fast-moving consumer good company, working initially in finance and then internal audit.

By the time I moved to the UK in 2009, I'd travelled more extensively, broadening my expertise working in supply chain, change management, project management, continuous improvement and capability development. 

I accumulated a decent income too. 

Yet the most important impact this travel had was that it opened my eyes to privilege, inequality, and injustice in a way I'd never really been aware of before. 

After my MBA ended in 2017, I was determined to make a difference. I started my own consulting and training business in 2019, and I started building the Where Ideas Launch Ecosystem in 2020.