Welcome to Hope, Opportunity, Purpose, Effort

Women in sustainable business is a thriving Facebook community, where you get to ask questions, pitch your services, support others, and build you authority and other communities as well!

When you build your credibility in spaces such as these, you get referred more by others, and are able to grow a more active following of people interested in your work!

I am grateful for those of you who've become a part of my Facebook Community Women in Sustainable Business, and my Instagram community Where Ideas Launch, and I want to help you get even more from this connection with me than you already have.

Introducing the Ecopreneur's HOPE Zone


Such a simple word that frames so much of why we do what we do. We know the society and world we live in isn't sustainable on it's current trajectory, but we hold HOPE we can make a difference. 

Yet we are not naive, so we embrace our OPPORTUNITY as business owners to do things differently.

We conduct the research, check the facts and organise our work so that our businesses represent our PURPOSE.

Most of all it is through our EFFORT that we make our actions count. 

Welcome to the Ecopreneur's Hope Zone.

My mission is to help sustainable minded businesses first to thrive and ultimately to become what's expected of businesses and societies in our world. 

My hope is that I can create a space that facilitates your development, authority, and success in the areas in which you need it.

The ecopreneur's hope zone is my way to re-imagine the full potential of how a sustainably minded business community can drive real impact and change.

  1. Automatic inclusion into the women in sustainable business awards event coming up soon - you'll only need to provide some info about your business with us so we can evaluate your submission!
  2. Regular Zoom meet ups
  3. Access to potential prizes, grants and sponsorship for your business
  4. Q&A sessions with experts
  5. Potential access to my network of over 10000 across my entire social media universe
  6. The possibility to be featured on my podcast
  7. An opportunity to lead a networking session sharing your knowledge on a relevant sustainable living or sustainable business topic.
  8. A monthly training session with a workbook and guide from me on an array of business topics
  9. The opportunity to enter into a draw to win a full scholarship to the incubator.
  10. A chance to be included in my biweekly mastermind for businesses that have reached scale up stage.

You receive access to the above opportunities, by signing up for my monthly newsletter today. 

I'll only send you one email a month, which will include all the possibilities for how to join our events, enter learning spaces, connect with us, participate in opportunities and share about your business.

Why me, and why this?

I used to work for big corporate in a controversial industry, until I travelled the world, and realised I needed to do more to make a difference.

I'm originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Growing up, my ambition was to travel and visit places I considered more advanced and developed than where I lived. 

I trained as an accountant and started my career in banking, before moving to a fast moving consumer good company, working initially in finance and internal audit.

When I moved to the UK in 2009, I've travelled more extensively, I broadened my expertise working in supply chain, change management, project management, continuous improvement and capability development. I accumulated a decent income too. 

Yet the most important impact is that it opened my eyes to privilege, inequality, and injustice in a way I'd never really been aware of before. 

After my MBA ended in 2017, I was determined to make a difference. I started my own consulting and training business in 2019,  and I started building the Where Ideas Launch Ecosystem in 2020.

    Learn more about the Eco Business Growth Club Incubator and business accelerator programmes

    12 Modules to Support Your Business

    This is an incubator for sustainable business owners offering the following:

      • Micro and Small Business Enterprise Business Models - Ways to deliver value to yourself as a business owner, and to the wider community as a responsible actor.
      • Ethical and Responsible Brand Stewardship
      • Copy & Content for Impact and Conversion
      • Selling to Serve
      • Product Development and User Experience
      • Sustainable Supply Chains & Circular Models
      • Organic PR
      • Data & Metrics
      • Finance & Funding
      • Sustainable Living
      • LinkedIn for Advocacy & Partnership

      Join my planning workshops free as part of the incubator

      A businesses needs strong systems and operations to survive. This requires control over some key levers in your business, not least of which are your cashflow, your focus and your time!

      Build your growth Strategy

      More advanced members get to work with me on their growth strategy via my bi-weekly mastermind sessions.

      Guest Speakers on Social Media and Other topics

      We already have a wealth of knowledge accumulated on several social media topics!

      Instagram Influencers and Strategy, Finance Fundamentals, Instagram Content,  Confidence & Speaking, Facebook Groups, SEO, Mindset & Meditation, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Sales, and many more

      Work on your mental health and well being with us

      I have invited my friend and coach Dipti Solanki to be the resident mental health and wellbeing expert in the community.