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The Elementary Music Teacher Blueprint is the course that will give you the tools you need to create a successful music program. Whether you are fresh out of college, have switched to elementary from a secondary or general teaching position, or are at a new school with few resources, this course will be perfect for you. 

There will be 20 lessons that will teach:

  • how to set up your classroom
  • classroom management and assessment
  • classroom procedures
  • lesson planning
  • favorite resources and teaching materials
  • planning and putting on programs
  • classroom instruments
  • recorder
  • teaching kids to sing
  • how to do centers
  • how to teach movement
  • literacy in the music classroom
  • music teaching strategies 
  • how to teach in a low income school
  • effective collaboration with other teachers
  • why you should know the support staff
  • what to leave for a substitute teacher
  • how to start a 4th-5th grade honors choir
  • how to put on a successful talent show
  • ways to balance work and home life


A printable worksheet will be included with each lesson for you to brainstorm and work through ideas for your classroom. 

Teacher resources including a lesson plan template and curriculum map will be provided as well.

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