EleVAte are a highly skilled team who take on back-of-house tasks from small-medium sized business owners, to give them a better balance in all aspects of their lives. Being a business owner can be lonely and networking can be an incredible form of relief and escape, as well as a brilliant place to learn, engage with others in a similar position, and boost confidence, inspiration and motivation!

Meet Jess

Jess is the founder and owner of EleVAte - Virtual Assistant Services. She built EleVAte because of the passion she has for helping business owners get more time away from the 'boring' but necessary back-of-house jobs, so they can make the most of what they love.

Jess knows that her support and advice is valuable to many, therefore the decision to create a community where we can support each other, share idea's, learn together and so much more, was a no-brainer.

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