About Me: Your Coach

I believe that a happy world needs more confident financially independent women, so I want you to stop living in fear of wealth and instead I want you to make more money so you can live the lifestyle of your dreams right now.

It is time to STOP dreaming and START living.

I am also a mummy to two amazing little children. So understand how precious your TIME is. That is why you need your money, and your mind, to work SMART not hard. The mental load as a mummy is real, so lets get clear on what you want from your life and be ready to UPGRADE your mindset so you can be ready to manage your WEALTH.

It’s time to focus on your finance and find your freedom.

Emma xx

What it means to be Wealthy

Your wealth is the sum of your mindset, your time and your money.

To elevate your wealth, you first need to upgrade your mindset.

Your mindset is at the foundation of everything you do. It impacts how you:

  • Spend your time to enjoy your wealth.
  • Your ability to manage your wealth.
  • Your success at taking action to grow your wealth
The most successful women in business became wealthy because they believed. 

    It's Time to Transform Your Life

    You're making good money and you're super successful, but you're working too hard to create your wealth and this is making you anxious, stressed out and leaving you burned out.

    You’ve been taught that you have to work HARD to make money to fund your lifestyle.

    When you think of your wealth your automatically think of the amount of money you have. 

    But you can be rich but not be wealthy.

    To be wealthy you need to believe and learn to love your money. This will give you the confidence, the freedom and the power to live a truly wealthy life.

    I can help you achieve that. 

      How this mini course will elevate your wealth?

      You'll BELIEVE

      You’re already successful and making a great living. It’s only when you take a deep dive into your relationship with your money that you can reach your full potential. It’s time to get out of your own way and think positively about making money.

      You'll take ACTION

      When you BELIEVE you can you will do whatever it takes to be as successful as you can be with your money. You will also know exactly what action you need to take to re-write your mindset and create more abundance in your life.

      You get the best of both worlds

      You get a money mindset workshop to learn and you get to go away and do the work in your own time!

      The wealth formula is a sum of:

      Stop working hard to be wealthy, instead make your money do the hard work. Spend on the things you value, save for the things you seek and invest for the things you desire!

      At the heart of being wealthy, when you uncover what's holding you back and start taking meaningful actions with your money you will become wealthy.

      Stop trading your time and energy for more money. Instead start living your wealthy life right now and manage your money with confidence.

      How you will elevate your wealth

      What we will cover in the workshop:

      • The power of the mind
      • How your brain works 
      • The impact of negative THINKING
      • How your thoughts influence your emotions and how this impacts your financial habits and behaviours.
      • How to upgrade your mindset so you can live an upper class lifestyle.
      • The POWER is in the DOING, I will show you how to:
      • Discover your money story: YOUR EMOTIONAL CENTRE
      • Uncover what you really THINK ABOUT MONEY
      • Reveal what patterns of BEHAVIORS you have formed
      • Challenge your current THOUGHTS – your limiting beliefs
      • Take that next ACTION to be WEALTHIER
      • Learn to LOVE your money

      All of this in two 30 minute workshops, ready to download right now.

      By the end you will understand your wealth biggest blockers and take the practical action to be wealthier.

      Emma xx

      Your investment to elevate your wealth.

      In this mini-course you will

      • A two-part workshop where you get 30 minute bite sized money mindset coaching sessions.
      • You will do the necessary work in your own time.
      • Including a workbook from me.

      Your price for the package: £49

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