The question is - are you providing quality, high value content to your audience?

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Let's be honest, in business there is so much to do.

The checklist seems to be never-ending...

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  • Being overwhelmed by the idea of creating content in the first place?
  • Spending too much time on content and not enough on actually building your business?
  • Trying to do "all the things" but not gaining any traction?
  • With a great product that the world hasn't discovered yet?
  • Always feeling behind and not knowing how to get control of your content?

What if you could get unstuck AND get the content you need


The good news is now you can with

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Jennifer understands that your audience NEEDS to hear from you. She understands that you NEED content that aligns with YOUR voice, brand, and goals.

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Get the FREE Simple Gold Keyword Method Resource NOW!


Valerie McClintick

Jennifer has been a remarkable developer of content for my business. She has consistently produced keyword-rich articles on a variety of homeschooling topics, going above and beyond to ensure I am happy with the final result. I originally hired Jennifer to write a small set of articles, however I was so impressed with her professionalism and the quality of the articles that I quickly became one of her monthly clients. She has saved me hours of time, and the articles are always relevant and engaging for my specific audience. "

Kimberly Hunt

Revision Division

It was wonderful to work with Jennifer as a guest blogger! As a busy editor at Revision Division, I rely on helpful tips shared by professional writers to maintain the elevated quality of my blog. Jennifer collaborated on topic suggestions and delivered an engaging post. Her conversational tone was perfectly suited for my blog. I highly recommend working with Jennifer for your writing needs!

Meet Jennifer Elia

Jennifer Anne Elia is a faith-based content marketing strategist with a heart for helping others. With over a decade of experience in copywriting and content marketing, she has learned the tricks and tools that make building optimized content easier than you could imagine.

Now, she is on a mission to help driven, faith-based, product-based businesses and charities create amazing content without sapping their time, energy, or focus on their goals. Two time Amazon best selling author, blogger, and content marketer extraordinaire, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, growing in her faith, and getting grounded in her garden each spring.