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Email Magic: 21 Day Storytelling Academy

Captivate, engage, and earn a lot more from your creative work.

Using my specific strategy of story driven email marketing, I'll show you exactly how I create emails that are fun to write, fun to read, and sell a lot more without being slimy, pushy, or salesy.

Current enrollment is now closed.

However, a new session will open soon. I open this academy in small groups so I can give my undivided attention to each class.

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Since 2004, I've told stories in my emails.

Rough, clumsy, and fumbling to start, and I only used storytelling on occasion. And I always wanted to learn how to get better.

It sounds simple; just write a story and send it to your list. But a story will fall flat if certain elements aren't included.

Lately, I've written more and more stories in my emails to a point where it's almost 100% stories.

Then, I came across August Birch and found in him a fellow storyteller—passionate. He writes great stories, so when he came out with Email Magic, I bought within minutes after receiving his first email about it.

Honestly, I was in doubt though. I'd been using storytelling in email marketing for years. Would I learn something new?

And yes, I did.

Email Magic is a valuable training for everyone who wants to improve their storytelling skills and discover how to best structure their emails for the highest impact.

I highly recommend it.

-Britt Malka