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There is tremendous potential in our darkness. If we don’t focus on the story and the pain the darkness brings, if we feel that it is just energy, we will become aware that darkness is nothing but resistance to life. It’s how Tolkien described it beautifully and poetically, it’s like singing in disharmony. It’s the will that wanted to explore what would it be like to say NO to life.

Ultimately it got lost. The shadow walks alone and seeks the light. There is still flow in the darkness, but it’s trying to go its own way. To say yes to life, we first need to say yes to our darkness and surrender to it. The flow will bring two lovers together in the light, burying the illusion that there was ever duality.

In this embodiment class, we will feel into the life and aliveness of our bodies. We will allow the parts that are resisting life, and gently invite them back home into the light of our consciousness.