Emerge into Joy Program Overview:

Emerge into Joy is a one-on-one 6-month program for self-directed women who are ready to make powerful shifts, calling in a new phase of living and working, that reaps the rewards of shifting from the “shoulds of life” to joy.

Calling in Clarity ~ Removing Blocks to Success and Joy

Reveal the hidden social conditioning that leads women to feel overwhelmed, to over-extend, and people-please… with little to no time for consistent self-care. You’ll discover where your energy leaks are, which areas of your life hold growth opportunities, and how to prioritize your time and actions for sustainable well-being (without guilt) - creating space for clarity to emerge.

What’s Getting in Your Way? Reveal Unconscious Beliefs.

Gain valuable insight into what gets in your way of fully shining your inner light. You’ll identify unconscious beliefs and agreements that create self-sabotaging behavior (such as procrastination and self-doubt) and develop tools to cultivate mental spaciousness for creative ideas, reflective problem solving, and progressive success (by your definition) - opening the flow for flourishing with ever-increasing ease.

Loosening the Grip of Non-Supportive Behaviors and Responses

Clarify what’s essential and what is 'choice' – key to prioritizing Self (for the good of all), expanding your capacity for what’s most important to you, and releasing self-sabotaging behaviors. You respond differently – with noticeable shifts from socially conditioned reactions to self-conditioned action. Energy and motivation return, overwhelm dissipates, and confidence expands. Plus, learn steps for rewiring and building supportive neural pathways.

Emerge into Joy ~ Re-orient to the Wisdom of Your Soul.

No longer at the mercy of the perpetual “shoulds,” reliant on outside sources for your self-worth and happiness, or lost in the whirlwind of life, you re-own your power previously given away to others. Productivity (and play) expands, led by what's most important to you, which fosters a sense of calm, ease, and clarity of mind.You’re more present-minded, and you delight in the little things (essential for joy), which fuels light-heartedness, laughter, and sustainable contribution to Self and society.

You're in the Right Place, if You...

  • Often feel overwhelmed and anxious.
  • Challenged with feelings of "not enough," self-doubt, and self-comparison.
  • Seen as a confident, “having it all together woman,” but how you feel inside is a different story.
  • There’s never enough time to get it all done.
  • You seek self-validation from others - outside of yourself.
  • You have dreams/desires – but often fall prey to distraction.
  • You’re tired of juggling the balls of responsibility.
  • Expressing your needs/voice is challenging.
  • Making time for yourself raises feelings of guilt.
  • You have high expectations and beat yourself up when you fall short.
  • Your to-do list is long, with little, to no time for you.
  • You're feeling the nudge to release the weight of responsibility.
  • Believe in a higher power (God, Goddess, Spirit, Buddha, Krishna…)
  • Care deeply about humanity and our planet.
  • The idea of inner peace makes you smile.
  • Have financial resources to invest in yourself.
  • Desire to bring your best self-forwards into all that you do.
  • Believe in the power of mind and body.
  • Feeling the itch to ‘do’ life differently.
  • Embrace Racial and gender equality and inclusiveness.
  • Open-minded and devoted to inner growth.
  • Well-being is a desired priority - mind, body and soul.
  • You want to make a difference, be the difference and enjoy life to the fullest too!

This program is not for someone stuck in victimhood and isn't willing to look at life choices and actions differently. This program is for self-directed women on a personal growth journey who want to live life to the fullest—prioritize Self and well-being—call in clarity, calm, and ease while flourishing personally and professionally.


  • Expand capacity for accomplishment without overwhelm.
  • Claim your inner voice, and embrace authentic self-expression.
  • Communicate in ways that reflect the truth of who you are.
  • Sharpen focus and streamline your attention to “what matters most.”
  • Shift social conditioning to self-conditioning.
  • Foster sustainable contribution to self, family, community, and society.
  • Cultivate inner freedom - lead with true self (not the unconscious influenced self).
  • Return home to you – the ‘you,’ before the world told you who you should be.
  • Become a trailblazer—break the culturally accepted paradigm that women must prove themselves, push hard to accomplish 'it all,' and people-please to fit the mold of “good girl.”
  • Embrace an unwavering devotion to the well-being of 'Self'; cultivating time, space, and energy for what feeds your soul!
  • Say "Goodbye" to What No Longer Serves You and "HELLO" to what does!

"Through Suzy's program and subsequent year-long sabbatical mentoring; I learned that when I do things for my happiness and joy, the world responds. By bringing the message of love into my work through symbol and energy, I found balance and happiness for the first time in my career and life. Not only have I achieved being debt-free, but I also enjoyed the second highest-grossing year in my business - while on sabbatical!" -Stephanie Benson Designs, Metalsmith Jeweler www.stephaniebensondesigns.com


“After a year of a lot of loss, I started to really question where I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted a change as what used to fulfill me, especially my career, just wasn't anymore. Suzy's [Emerge into Joy] program helped me take a step back and really get in touch with what I WANTED, not what my job wanted, not what my clients wanted, not what my family wanted... but what I really wanted. Through her amazing course, I found my voice and more importantly my joy. I have honestly never been more fulfilled, happier, and clear and that alone has been the biggest and best gift.” Tori Repka-Geller, IMBA, CIC, President of Trace of Hope, Inc. and LOAMLife Consulting, Inc., Manhattan, NY, www.traceofhope.org

I needed to do SOMETHING to move my business ideas forward, and I liked a lot of what I’d read on Suzy’s blog. I went into our work together thinking I’d emerge with a business plan, or some other concrete “product.” What I got out of it was SO much more valuable! I was able to identify all the ways I limit myself, look at self-sabotaging behaviors, and explore the reasons behind my lack of confidence in my work. As a result of my work with Suzy, I have started saying NO to things (which is huge for me), and when people ask me what I do for work, I’ve stopped saying, “I’m trying to start a business” and started saying, “I have a business.” Through this program, I really recognized how important the work I’m doing is to me, and I’ve started putting myself out in the world with more confidence. I’m meeting with my first paying clients this afternoon!” [1 year later Carrie’s business is 100% solvent!]  -Carrie Andrews, Advanced Care Planning & Patient Advocacy / www.peaceofmind.com

Suzy was recommended to me by two separate people, because she has a knack for clearing out the cobwebs and bringing clarity. I was struggling with how to feel whole and worthy in my life. Trying to find the path that would truly be the most beneficial for me. She provided lots of questions, and exercises to help get the grit out on the page and bring forth a better understanding about what I wanted. She takes you deep into a realm, most of us don’t explore, but it’s crucial, to reach the point of clarity I was seeking. She taught me to look at life from a more positive, mindful perspective, and gave me the very important tools & confidence to make new transformative habits. She is the best mentor ever!!!” -Kirsten Campbell, Yoga Instructor, World Traveler, kirsten-campbell.withwre.com

“I’m more comfortable, at peace, loving, and kinder to myself through my time with Suzy. I’m learning to catch thoughts and feelings that don’t support me, pivot, and release them while integrating more compassion. I feel that I am building a safe container and coming home to ‘me’ again. I’m more spacious and know I can trust myself to make good decisions. Suzy’s work is subtle and powerful – I’m so glad I had the courage to reach out for our initial 30-minute chat that began my pivotal inward journey. With heartfelt appreciation for you and our time together.” -Sarah Lilly, England


  • A one-on-one 6-month transformational experience offered at a comfortable pace for ease of life/work integration. 
  • 8 home-study modules with formatted content (so you don’t have to take notes), including a module dedicated to creating your soul-aligned blueprint for living your fullest, most joy-full life. 
  • 8+ (customized to your needs) integration ‘field work’ assignments for neuropathway rewiring and accountability. 
  • 15 discovery exercises for breaking through blocks and harnessing inner wisdom. 
  • 4 Shadow work/archetype sessions for powerful insight, integration, and transformation. 
  • Bonus meditations. 
  • 12 one-on-one mentoring sessions via zoom for module discussion/reflection and deeper learning, plus a kick-off/introductory session. 
  • Email support to keep you on track – celebrating and recalibrating between sessions. 
  • The Emerge into Joy “playbook” for lifelong reference.
  • Optional add-on VIP 2-day experience towards the end of the Emerge into Joy program. 

Reclaim your power, energy, and time. Transform self-judgment, self-doubt, and self-comparison into the ever-growing comfort of self-acceptance, self-love, confidence, and inner ease. Live life your way! 

→Joy sustains well-being and all that you do.  →Well-being fosters your connection with what matters most.  →You connect with what matters most by prioritizing Self.  →Prioritizing Self inspires clarity of passion and purpose without overwhelm.  →With clarity; courage, and confidence grows – melting self-doubt, self-comparison, and feelings of not enough.  →Joy is no longer dependent on what lives outside of you; it now lives within you.