Free Emotional Clarity Call

Do you feel like you're always putting everyone else first? Have you forgotten what your own dreams are because you've been so busy helping everyone else?

Perhaps you have done a lot of heaIing work and everything still looks and feels the same? I get it!

I want to tell you, it IS possible to SHIFT this pattern on a deep energetic and cellular level!

Working with your body as a portal for healing trauma, taking your power back from all those you've given it away to and resetting your boundaries with a sense of self-love and inherent worthiness will CHANGE everything on the outside for you.

When you can express your TRUTH with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE, your whole life changes.  

Ready to go deeper and unlock the true power dynamics at the core of your relationships??

I can help you understand what’s really going on and how to reclaim the power and energy that’s been drained away.

Let's stop wasting time and focus on what actually needs to be healed.

Hi! I'm Manisha...

My mission is to help you heal & clear emotional trauma at its core by supporting you to reconnect to your body's inherent wisdom.

Through our work together, my clients feel more grounded, have greater clarity and confidence in who they are, can ask for what they need, trust their decisions, and  direct their lives with more inner trust. To learn more about my background, approach, & offerings, visit