We are a global initiative dedicated to transforming the lives of girls and women who have/face internal conflict as a result of oppression, abuse, neglect, sexual violence and trauma.

Huge welcome from our Founder! 

Empower Beyond Boundaries was founded by Reina Pathan. 

Reina is an International Human Rights Lawyer, speaker, facilitator, revolutionary, spiritual queen and success coach.

She has a specialism in international women’s rights issues and has dedicated her career to supporting women who have experienced injustices & to those that want to elevate the outcome of their life.

She works in partnership with various domestic and international non-profit organisations, dealing with cases involving domestic abuse, sexual abuse, trafficking, forced marriage and honour-based violence.

She now also runs her own business teaching ambitious women how to step into their power and lead, live through their purpose and create success in their lives through building a life and career that they only ever dreamed of.

She believes that we are the change-makers of our own life and generational change starts with us.

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Our Editor & Communications Coordinator

Meet Sophie Leota!

Sophie Leota is a 22 year old Environmental Science Major, Journalist and writer from Fiji Islands. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Politics. 

Reach out to Sophie for more information on our upcoming events, workshops and webinars!

Events Coordinator

Meet Alexandra Angelis!

Alexandra is a 21-year old recent graduate of Criminology. She is passionate about all things human rights, particularly issues concerning women. 

Alexandra is your go to events contact. Please liaise with her for any information, issues or support regarding any events. 

From our community