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You must Pre-register and Purchase your ticket here to be a part of this experience.  It is a Private VIP Experience!

*These tickets CANNOT be purchased at the door.  

*This ticket DOES include your entrance fee!

April 21, 2023
Hosted at The X Club at 1625 Sismet Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1H9

Sex is NOT wrong! Relationships are NOT supposed to be hard work!  ~ Karine Bedard

What is this night about?

This is a night of exploration and fun. A chance to dip your toes into a new world that offers unlimited possibilities. Sometimes this can be scary with so many unknowns. This is why the Empowered Lifestyle Newcomers VIP Experience is so important.

You might be thinking, "What do I wear?  Will I know anyone?  What happens at these clubs?  I'm so nervous...."

Don't worry!  All these questions will be answered.  This night is about having fun and making amazing new connections all while feeling very safe and grounded. You don’t have to sit by yourself and wonder who you should talk to or what the etiquette is in these situations. We will cover all of that and you won’t feel alone in this process at all. In fact, you will leave having made so many new connections and friendships that you will wonder why it took you so long to try it out.

Are you a Single Man but don't want to be "that guy" whenever you go to the club? This night will enlighten you and help you make connections that will shift how you are perceived and how you interact.

What is included?

A Private Online Community on Facebook where you can ask questions, chat and get to know each other a little more before the party.

A virtual Meet and Greet before the day of the event giving you a chance to meet the group attending prior to the event.

A club experience at Canada’s Premier Sexy Social Club The X Club in Toronto, Canada. You must arrive by 9:30pm in order to be a part of this experience and the Private Guided Tour.

The Experience begins with: 

  • Registering and joining our Private Community on Facebook where you can ask questions and meet others before the event

  • Then attending the Virtual Meet and Greet a few days before to put names to faces, ask questions and get to know Karine a little better prior to coming to the club

  • Arriving by 9:30pm 

  • You will get a Special Wrist Band for the night

  • We will start the evening with a Welcome Toast to make you feel extra special and help with the nerves

  • Private Guided Tour at 9:30pm

  • Q&A Session with Ethical Non-Monogamy Expert Karine Bedard, your Special HOSTESS for the evening

  • Icebreaker Activity in a private area of the club before it gets busy

  • Access to the Exclusive VIP Area for the entire night

  • Bottle Service included

  • Special Membership Price for Couples and Single Ladies if purchased that same night

You will get to know new people and ask anything you want throughout the night, but you will have a chance to meet them ahead of time and feel comfortable knowing your are not alone even before arriving. The idea is to create a wonderful experience where you leave feeling empowered with new connections and potentially deep, fulfilling friendships. I want you to find your tribe in this place and feel like you belong and are exactly where you are supposed to be.  You also get added bonus of being in a sexually charged environment where you can decide what to do with that fun energy!  There are so many possibilities to explore.  You can use that energy to energize your partnership or venture out and live out some fantasies if you so desire.  It's totally up to you.

Be prepared to be educated, have fun, meet other newbies, and party like you were meant to!!!

What is the Exclusive Pricing?

Karine Bedard is truly your Key to Freedom! 

You've heard, “Sex is wrong! Relationships are supposed to be hard work!” 

What you probably didn’t learn is that sex is empowering and that relationships can be committed, fun, and free all at the same time! Karine empowers you to kick shame and guilt to the curb so that you can live your most authentic life the way that you want to.

She never in her wildest dreams imagined living the Empowered, Sexy, and Authentic life that she lives right now. Discovering Sex Positivity was the catalyst that allowed her to step out and explore a whole new world of possibilities! She is a Bible School Graduate turned Playboy Enthusiast! While studying the “worst of the worst”, she found her people.

Karine is normalizing Ethical Non-Monogamy. She wants couples to step out and discover the beauty and power of true honesty, authenticity, and confidence in relationships. Looking at the world through a Sex Positive lens will absolutely shift how you understand relationships.

Her authenticity and transparency make you feel safe and seen. Her intuition allows her to see exactly what is holding you back in life and her ability to really see you makes you feel accepted and comfortable with her. Through her openness and vulnerability she is able to transform your fears into joy and excitement. She is the best at bringing you safely into this world without fear or regret. She guides you every step of the way.

She wants more for you than the script you’ve been fed, “Find your soulmate, marry them, and be monogamous forever!” There is so much more than this in life.

Step out and finally Break Free! Perhaps it's time to Redesign!

Want to know more?

Do you have questions about our Empowered Lifestyle Newcomers VIP Experience or other opportunities to work closely with Karine such as her 6 Week Private Mentoring?