Think into the Future CANVAS

This canvas is a decision-making tool to inform strategic decisions supporting a thriving future for you and the generations to come.

It helps you to adopt pioneering thinking in service to the future — supporting consciousness evolution for you to understand what the future is calling for.

It is built around 9 main drivers. These drivers are all interconnected. They allow you to get a systemic perspective on the difference you can make by taking a long-term approach.


Think into the Future 


This workshop is a collaborative decision-making tool to inform your organisational strategy while supporting a thriving future for you and the generations to come.

The activity is built around 6 main guardians. These guardians represent key stakeholders in the world we live in. They allow you to get a new perspective to design appropriate decisions in service to a thriving future. 

We encourage you to use it with your team to engage a wide diversity of individuals ready to take on the challenge of designing future-fit solutions. 

Get in touch if you would like to implement this framework.


Finding your True Purpose TOOL

The Finding your North Star tool is the result of several years of supporting individuals on their quest for a more meaningful life.

Beyond your professional engagement, this tool will help you make sense of your pathway in life to unleash your full potential.

The activity is organised into six main sections flowing in a specific order.

1. Reflecting on your personal path
2. Identifying the key patterns of your journey
3. Better understanding your personality and skills
4. Listing your personal needs
5. Inquiring about your unique contribution
6. Imagining the possible futures


To see the world through a new lens